Kibonki - 基本技 修鍊 - Basic Training 
1. Samdaewonli 三大元理 - Three Big principles 
2. Sonsaulliki 손살리기 - Power into the hands and finger 
3. Palmack ki 팔막기 - Way of blocking by arm 
4. Dangshinki 當身技 - Power into the legs and feet 
5. Sukibup 서기법 - Way of facing against initial posture 
6. Hoheupbup 呼吸法 - Techniques of breath

Ohkibup 五技法 : Five Techniques

1. TABUP 打法 - Techniques of fist and kicking
Tabup is to techniques with the legs and hands. This Tapbup is different from Western boxing and chines kungfu. It is harmony with the movement of korean people.

1) Kwonbup 拳法 - Fist techniques Kwon bup should be harmony with quick steps and the movement of the hands 
2) Zhockkibup 足機法 - Kicking techniques 
3) Daejuckse 對敵勢 - Fighting posture 
4) Mackki 防禦法 - Blocking techniques 
5) Tabup Kyurooki 打法對敵 - Sparring techniques

2. Hoshinkibup 護身技法 - Defense techniques
Defense techniques come from protecting one's self in people's living environment. 

1) Nakbup 落法 - Falling and Tumbling techniques 
2) Sukibup 勢法 - Way of initial posture facing against 
3) Daejuckse 對敵勢 - Fighting posture 
4) Mackki 防禦法 - Blocking techniques 
5) Kibonki 基本基 - Basic defense techniques 
6) Bangtooki 防投技 - Techniques to unable to hold ground by defense against enemy's attack. 
ㆍ Zhokki Bangtooki 足技防投技 - Defense for kicking 
ㆍ Kwonbup Bangtooki 拳法防投技 -Defense for fisting 
ㆍ Mooki Bangtooki 武器防投技 - Defense for weapons 
 7) Kyurooki 對敵 - Sparring techniques

3. Kumdobup 劍刀法 - Swordmanship

1) Type of sword techniques

ㆍIl do(一刀) - A type of one sword 
                      The way to handle one sword 
ㆍEe do(二刀) - A type of two medium sword 
                       The way to handle two medium sword 
ㆍOi do(畏刀) - A type of one medium sword 
                       The way to handle one medium sword 


2) Kind of sword techniques

ㆍJungkumbup 靜劍法 - The way to handle sword with peace 
ㆍSokkumbup 速劍法 - The way to handle sword with speedily 
ㆍSokkum Kyurooki 速劍對敵 - The way to sparring with sword speedily 
ㆍKummoo 劍舞 - The dance with sword

4. Heuldobup 穴道法 - Korean medical science 
 Hanmoodo's peoples above the seventh black belt can learn these techniques

5. Mookibup 武技法 - Philosophy of warrior(Moosa) 
Korean traditional philosophy for life of warrior Hanmoodo's people above the eight and ninth Yunsung can learn these ideas

Hanmoodo's Techniques