Meaning of Hanmoodo 

Han(韓), Khan, Kan have the same sound and meaning. han is a king. Han Kook means a king's country. There is difference between Han Kook and Cho Sun is a region or area while Han Kook is a political system of country. In old times, a region of Cho Sun had several countries, which there were several Han Kooks.(kingdom) The name of Han Kook and Han In(Korea and Korean) seemed to be called from Ma Han, Byun Han and Jin Han.

Han has a lot of meanings such as great, big, board, and infinite. 
Han is Korea people's face and spirit. Hanmoodo is Korean martial arts, which contains Korean essential culture. Through training in martial arts, people have harmony with nature and love everything. 
People aim to help other people.

Hanmoodo dose not try to make a person become a hero or elite a sportsman. But it tries to make people and nature become in one only through training.
It trains people to love the land and other people through training the body and mind.

Hanmoodo is a big, board, and profound martial art. 
Hanmoodo is based on Korean in oriental culture and integrated martial arts. Through training in Hanmoodo, people try to reach Tao. That is real aim of hanmoodo's life.