Sam's achievements

Doctoral Degree of Intercultural(FIU Uni. in US)

Diplomas in

* Acupuncture Therapy(Wholeperson Healing Asso. in South Korea)

* Feet Reflexology(WHA)

* Hand Acupressure(WHA)

* Scraping Treatment (Gua-Sha from Myoung Ji Uni. in South Korea)

* Chinese Cupping Treatment(WHA)

* Complementary Therapies level 1(Caridff Council)


*Master Degree from Lampeter Uni in 2009. (sports ministry)

*Sports Leader in the Community Level 2(UK Sports)

*Taekwondo black belt (3rd Dan)

*Hanmoodo instructor (6th Dan)

*Tai-Chi Instructor(Korean Tai-chi Association)

*UK Sports Leader Level 2(UK Sports)

*Shown TV at Madeincardiff at JULY 2015 

*Archery UK instructor(Archery GB, 2016)