History of Hanmoodo

On August 7th, 1888, Sung Jun Bae collected and intergrated Korean traditional martial arts and founded Dae Han Hanmoodo. 
The founder, Bae, descendent from a chief of Kum San Ka Ri tribe, one of six tribes in old Shilla kingdom. He had liter racy and military accomplishments, and his family believed in Buddha. His family would give a donation to Ji Rim temple. Thus, many monks visited his home. 
Bae was wise and went the temple to prepare for a national office test because of a monk's recommendation. At that Time, Buoon monk taught him traditional martial arts - fist and kicking fighting, self-defense, sword, Korea medical science, philosophy of warrior(moosa). 
Bae was 23 years old and trained himself in Joyang mountain. Buoon monk gave him a Taekuksun (a kind of folding fan) and writing brush. The monk told him, "keep Korean spirit" and he disappeared. 
Since then, Bae had liter racy and military accomplishments. On August 7th, 1888, Bae founded Dae Han Hanmoodo. He also opened Ki San Su Sook Do Jang and taught many students. They worked at group for autonomy of Chosun kingdom - Kook Min Dae Hwea, Dae Han Hyup Hwea, and Hung Sa Dan - to fight against supporter of Japanese - Il Jin Hwea etc. Though after the Japanese annexed of Chosun kingdom to force, he had brought up his students. Because of Japanese persecution more and more. 
He moved here and there. His family was broken and scattered. Even though Bae had experienced hardships, he devoted himself to teach students. He died of hwa Byung(a nervous disorder caused by one's pent-up resentment) on August 16th, 1937 when was 82 years old. Bae was good at the theory of Feng-Shui. He found two place of graves one for rich and another for talented off springs in the future. His oldest son chose the grave site for talented off-springs in and said "After 100 years, Hanmoodo will be prosperous and be know to the world". And then Bae passed away after he worse his new cloths and drunk a cup of spring water. 
During Japanese control and Korean war, Hanmoodo would almost extinct. But Moo san, sixth generation master, restored Dae Han Hanmoodo Association on October 7th 1982 after he organized it into modern martial arts.